Thursday, December 02, 2010

When I realised that today was going to be another 'snow day' I lay in bed wondering what to do with it.

How would I like it to be. If I were visualising a normal but perfect day what would it look like.

It would start with 45 minutes of Yoga - so I got out of bed and did 45 minutes of yoga - badly and slowly but we have to start somewhere.

I would have breakfast -

So I had breakfast - porridge with cranberries and agave syrup and a mug of ginger tea.

I would settle down in the office and mindfully prepare for Saturdays antenatal class. I would consider the concepts, tune in and consider the four hours time we will spend together.

At 10.30 I would pause for tea and a mince pie and a read of my book.

At 11.00 back to work until 12.30.

Since we moved I haven't had much opportunity to explore the neighbourhood. I am intrigued by a snicket so I would go for a walk and explore that snicket.

I've been for my walk - discovered some allotments and an intriguing and impressive set of iron gates and more paths to explore.

Home again I would have a bowl of warming soup.

The afternoon I would snooze, knit and watch a film before cooking dinner.

.....and that is exactly how I've spent my day - my body and mind are exercised, my soul is nurtured and the knitting has got some attention - sounds ordinarily perfect to me.