Tuesday, January 25, 2005

And Many More.... A Needlebook

Last night I managed about two hours stitching on this needlebook. I finished the picket fence and began some of the flowers and leaves that intertwine around it - oh yes and part of the bird house too.

It doesn't look much for a couple of hours but there were lots of stitches that I decided to start and finish rather than carry over a distance - fiddly but worth it.

This needlebook is designed by Just Nan as an anniversary exclusive for the Silver Needle which is just about my favourite ONS. I spend many a happy hour web shopping and wishing I could visit in person.

The needlebook is stitched on 28ct linen in 20 shades of Splendor Silk and a hand-dyed Silk 'n Colors by The Thread Gatherer. I chose it because I loved the design and like to use nice things on a daily basis also I don't have a needlebook at the moment so it will be nice to pop one in my project bag.

It's supposed to be my 'out and about' project but I just love stitiching it and I didn't feel like backstitiching on the Mermaid Treasure box or working on the horrible fabric that I've got for Mystery Sampler I.

The finishing will be a challenge but I'm not thinking about that until I've done all the stitching.

Whoops somebody left it on the hoop for a couple of nights. Should be OK because the finishing means I'll only use/see the actual stitched bit. I'm thinking of getting some q-snaps. I've asked a lot of questions and read a lot of good things about them so I may give them a go. Will have to get them from States though as I can't seem to find a supplier in the UK - what a suprise!!!!


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