Friday, February 04, 2005

All going well

Mystery Sampler 1 is working up really quickly - nearly finished the bottom half of the border. Hoping to finish the top half over the weekend and then work on part 2 next week. It's a real pleasure to work on.

When I'm up to date on that I think I'll start part 5 of the Mermaid's Treasure box - it's one of the short sides - not too big and it's repeating the theme from the box top so it's there won't be any suprises in the chart - should be a nice stitch.

The 'travel project' - needlecase - hasn't been touched this week 'cos I've enjoyed working on the Sampler too much.

Got the latest newsletter from the Sampler Guild last night - a really interesting copy. I'm tempted to sign up for the 2005 stiching project - should I/shouldn't I - silly question if I don't I might not get the opportunity to stitch that project ever again!!

Still waiting for my orders from the States to arrive - fingers crossed they'll come next week.

Not going to work next week. It's half term and got a few things planned - hoping to get loads of needle time.


Anonymous said...

Of course you should sign up! It would be sad if you missed out.

Are you coming down to Manchester this weekend for the Stitch Show at the G-Mex?

Carol said...

Wow, the Sampler Guild looks interesting! I would join if I were you!!

Did DH manage to read that messed up passage in my blog? I couldn't find your email address to get back to you on that :-)

Carol in NH, USA

Gill said...

If it was me I would have to sign up, once I like something I have to have it regardless of whether I need any more stitching to do or not!
You are absolutely right regarding Sew and So - they are the best, but I never can resist a bargain!