Wednesday, February 02, 2005


February already. I love the winter and am at my happiest from September to April. May to August I find more trying I'm not really an outside person and like to sit inside with my stitching and be warm and cosy. I'm hoping DH will 'build' me a stitching nook in the garden this summer. I see a pergola giving shade, with a useful table and a wooden reclining garden chair position by the trees overlooking the village.

As it's February the fifth part of the Mermaid Treasure box was released yesterday - one of the short sides. I'm not starting it just yet as I pre cut the fabric and didn't leave enough spare around the edges so I'm going to get some more fabric and this time leave it big to fit on a nice q-snap (when it arrives from the States).

The second part of the Mystery Sampler 1 was also released. Very nice indeed. I stitched an hour or so on the border last night and it's working up really quickly. I have a week off next week so I'm planning on getting this up to date and then spending the rest of February on the Mermaid Treasure box.

Managed to fit in another little shopping exursion yesterday whilst looking at a quiliting site I found that Artbin have released a stitching line. I was already looking for a small box to put all my odds and ends in on the table next to the stitching chair and there was one on the site. I remembered that one of the scrapbooking shops I visit online sells Artbin and voila they had it on their site too. One quick click and it was ordered - whilst I was there I also ordered the Sew 'n Go Tote . My justification for this purchase is that I'm going to join my local stitch and craft group and it will be so useful for those meetings/workshops. Mmmmmmmmmm as if we needed to justify S.E.X.


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