Friday, February 18, 2005

Stitch & Craft Group

After six months of procrastinating last night I finally plucked up the courage to go to my local Stitch & Craft Group.

I managed to make a complete fool of myself before I even got there. I happily set off and arrived 10 minutes early and sat in the car to make sure I was walking in bang on time. Went up to the door and it was locked and the main hall was in darkness. Realised that what I thought was the Community Centre was the Youth Centre and I had no idea where to go. Drove up and down the long road a couple of times but couldn't find it. Rang DH for the address and phone number out of the phone book. I was definitly on the right road but still didn't know where it was. Thought about going home but decided I'd ring the centre first. Very embarrassed to learn that not only was it opposite the Youth Centre but I was parked outside.......LOL.

So I managed to be about 20 minutes late but I'm so glad I persevered. What a lovely bunch of ladies and how talented they all are. There was plenty of stitching going on - cross stitch, crewel work, quilting and some other stuff I don't know the name off. There was some beading and some card making too. It was lovely to sit and stitch with other stitichers - what a treat.

The group meets once a month and alternate between work nights and speaker/workshop nights. Next month it's a beading workshop although I believe you can still do your own work if you want to. Looking forward to it.


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