Tuesday, March 01, 2005

How many.............................

..............magazines do you read.

I think I've got a problem. There was a time when I would buy one magazine a month - a quite grown up glossy full of home decorating, cooking and general well being advice.

Now however............................................

There's the World of Cross Stitching - a monthly magazine with a few articles - not bad.

Cross Stitcher (UK) - I like this one it seems to have more words in it than many UK ones and some of the articles are actually aimed at people who enjoy a challenging stitching project.

Cross Stitch Collection - not very many words in this one and only occaisionaly something I would consider stitiching.

Cross Stitch Gold - same as Cross Stitch Collection really.

Jane Greenoff's cross stitching - I like this on as it has a really personal touch and is written in Janes voice. I'm also in the Cross Stitch Guild so the two go together really.

New Stitches - this caters for more of a varied audience and includes some challenging pieces although again there is only occaisionaly something I would stitch.

There's another one I can't remember the name of that is similar to New Stitches.

Then there's a couple of American ones that I like to get when I can - Stitchers World - DH bought me a subscription for Christmas. I've also just subscribed to The Cross Stitcher which I really like but is hard to get here in the UK. Finally I buy Just Cross Stitch when I see it although I'm sure I'll take out a subscription to that shortly.

Now bear in mind I buy all these every month - that's approximately £40. I am a fast and impatient reader and although I read them at least five or six times the initial read through is usually over in 10 minutes.

I think I have to ask myself - "is this good value for money?"



Cathy said...

It is so easy to get out of control with the stitching magazines (though I understand it's a lot easier there in the UK, here in the States, there aren't that many). I do love The Cross Stitcher, though, and also get the Stoney Creek Magazine. I cancelled my subscription to Crazy for Cross Stitch because it was just getting too expensive.

AngelSan said...

I see you don't like Quick and easy and Crazy?
My favourites are CrossStitcher and WOCS. Q&E has sometimes some Margaret Sherry patterns, so I like it as well. It has very good next to very bad patterns.

I subscribed to these 3 magazines, and it's a real money saver. About £40 a year each !!!! If you buy these magazines every month, it's worth considering...

Gill said...

I only buy magazines if they've got something I like on the cover, which is probably just as well as they can work out expensive.