Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Itch to Stitch - no more

After yesterday's rant about stitching shows - sorry everyone and then complaining about not stitching enough recently. I went home plonked myself down in the chair and managed about 4 hours of stitching. Even got DH & DS to cook supper - you should have heard the running commentary and it was only Tuna Pasta Bake!!!!!

Anyway managed to get a good start on part 3 of the Mystery Sampler 1 - duh just realised I completely forgot to take a picture - will have to post tomorrow after another burst of stitching tonight. Must just go and check some of the WIP pics on the board cos one of my inner borders looks a bit wonky...............


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AngelSan said...

don't worry about your rant: each experience is unique. That's why it's interesting to read everybody's answers.

Looks to me like Harrogate venues attract rude people. I go every year to Alexandra Palace and Olympia, and the crowd is huge, but the atmosphere is fantastic. People are usually polite, and we often switch places with others when looking into bargain boxes, creating a sort of intimacy about the whole search.

Maybe you should try Olympia once and see if there's a difference with Harrogate.