Tuesday, May 24, 2005

From UFO to HD without a single stitch

Last evening I made a decision.

I turned an UFO into a HD without a single stitch.

When I first discovered Chatelaine Designs and the wonderful Martina Weber the Mermaid Treasure Box and Toys was just about to start - I enthusiastically signed up and waited with baited breath for each installment.

The online class has 12 installments and by the end you will have a box and some 'toys' to keep in it.

After a couple of months I had finished the box top and was ready to move onto the sides. Then Mystery Sampler 1 started and I got totally engrossed in that.

The box top was still on the frame and leaning against the hearth when last night inspiration struck - it's finished.

No sides, no toys just a lovely mermaid.

I really like the finished box but just not enough to start stitching the sides - especially when it's more of the same in blues - not my favourite colour. Yes I now if I don't like blues why sitch a sea theme.......................................hindsight is a wonderful thing.

So it's off to the framers at the end of the week - what a lovely feeling HDing is!!!


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