Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Got Broadband - time to Blog

Now that we have gone broadband at home I should be able to do this blogging thing far more easily. Before I was trying to sneak in an entry here and there whilst at work and that really wasn't working - hence the huge gap.

Right where are we:

Chatelaine Mystery Sampler I - finished, framed and hanging in the lounge will take a snap this evening . It was a real pleasure to stitch and I've had loads of compliments from visitors. I was initially planning to do Mystery Sampler II but decided that the colours weren't really speaking to me and with Alpine Seasons waiting in the wings decided not to go ahead.

I've done almost exactly 50% of Tree of Hope from Chatelaine. Proceeds from the sale of this chart were donated to the New Orleans Disaster Relief Fund. For some reason I've found this to be quite a difficult stitch. I'm really pleased with it so far.

Alpine Seasons - I'm stitching this as a suprise for my Mother. As she is unable to turn a computer on there is no danger of her reading this blog so I'm quite safe posting here. This is turning into a real pleasure to stitch. It was published as a monthly chart by Chatelaine between March 2005 and February 2006. I started on New Years Day and am already part way through part 2.

I am completely besotted by Mother Earth by Polstitches so am part way through this too. I like to take this to groups etc as it's more portable than the two above. The placement of some of the motifs takes real concentration - 5 times it took me to get one of the star motifs in the right place - sigh.
I've also signed up for the Ozark Sampler SAL for 2006 via Jaynes Attic and am part way through the second part.

Oh and I nearly forgot I'm also taking part in the Lizzie Kate Christmas Blessings SAL with Jaynes Attic. Haven't even started this one yet.

Phew...................better go stitch


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