Sunday, October 21, 2007

How perfect

I love living in the middle of nowhere - it's beautiful, quiet and keeps me in touch with nature. The main disadvantage is that I have to get in the car whenever I go anywhere. The shortest journey would be to the patchwork shop at 15 minutes, the needlework shops are 20 minutes in one direction and 30 minutes in the other (you can tell where my priorities are forget supermarkets, school and work). There is one and only one exception - Embroiders Guild meetings.

A year or so ago the local branch moved from one end of the Dale (20 minutes away) to the other. They meet in the church hall which is a 5 minute stroll down the hill. I started going when they first moved and then haven't been able to make a meeting for almost a year - until yesterday.

As I strolled along the lane the sun was shining, the view was spectacular. It was a crisp and brisk October day. I had my needlework over my shoulder and knew I was going to spend the day with like-minded people.

Although it's been a long time I was welcomed kindly and spent a lovely morning stitching and chatting. I wasn't sure what to take to work on. Alpine is just too big and I would have had to drive. In the end Pretty in Pink was chosen.

This has been a WIP for ages. Originally started as a SAL on Aion but I haven't worked on it with any regularity. As I'm doing the Kloster blocks it's perfect for a stitch & chat. I find it quite hard to read pattern sometimes but thanks to Colly (the best Hardanger designer in the world) who colour coded the chart for me it's been much easier. This isn't going to be a finished piece for a long time but it is a really relaxing stitch.

During the afternoon we had a speaker "Liberating the Liberty Bodice". The part of the talk I found most interesting was how from a scrap of an idea a whole project germinated. She talked about what inspired her to move from one aspect of the project to another - fascinating.

At the end of the afternoon I struggled back up the hill home - the sun was shining, the trees were beautiful - a perfect day.

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