Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Needlework Tin

A few years ago as I wandered through M&S I saw a beautiful tin.

It was a beautiful shade of blue/green, the lid had delicate japanese style blossoms at each end and the sides of the tin was covered with cream polka dots.

It wasn't large about 10 inches by 4 inches and 2 inches deep.

According to the label the tin held a luxury belgium biscuit assortment. I noticed how lovely it was and walked on by. I kept thinking about this tin for a couple of days and eventually went back and spent about £4 on a tin of biscuits. Although the biscuits were lovely I wasn't interested in them at all. The tin however, has remained by my side.

It is the perfect size for the notions that as needleworkers we collect and even use from time to time. When I am in my stitching nest it is to my right on a shelf just below the level of my chair so within perfect reach.

The lid is upturned and really useful for pens, pencils a highlighter and things currently being used. The main tin has in it most of my odds and ends that I might use during my stitching. Out of curiosity I have taken everything out and photographed them...............

OK so there's some odd looking things in there - do you know what they are all for?


leah said...

I got one of those tins for the exact same reason only mine is the Easter one

Aussie Stitcher said...

Love your tin and the contents.