Sunday, November 11, 2007

Three down several more to go.

When I woke up this morning I felt as if I had a huge hangover. Unfortunately I hadn't had the pleasure the night before. This made me determined not to waste my Sunday.

First of all I finished a name badge. I chat regularly on an ezboard forum called A Crafty Natter (link on the right). It's a great place where some wonderful people hang out. For me it replaces the mighty Aion which sadly closed during the summer. A lot of the girls from Aion have joined A Crafty Natter and we've met lots of new people too.

Next Saturday we are having a meet up and the talented Colly from Cols Creations designed name badges for us to make.

Then I decided to finish a needleroll for a Christmas Exchange I'm in on A Crafy Natter. I had finished the stitching and had hemstitched one end. This morning I hemstitched the other end and got the sewing machine out and sewed it up the back. Unfortunately the ribbon I had bought for it is too thick so I was unable to stuff it. Still nearly there. No pictures yet because it's an exchange.

On a bit of a roll at this point I picked up a piece that I started at a workshop about 18 months ago. It was a lovely weekend hosted by Jayne of Jaynes Attic with Carol Tinson from Heirloom Embroideries teaching. The workshop piece was Forever Loved which I don't think was on general release at the time. Carol guided us through changing the colours of the threads and the beads.

This morning I realised it only needed 11 beads and it would be finished - well that bit was easy.

A quick rummage in the fabric bag and I found a perfect piece of fabric for the backing and my friend Colly had already generously given me a piece of lilac fabric for the lining. I had recently bought some interfacing for another project so I was good to go.

Two hours later.....................

Think I'll go and finish the festive candlewrap.

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Colette said...

Wow havent you been on a roll, all theses finishes, well done. I love the bell Pull its so pretty.