Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and yours

It's early yet and everybody else in the house is asleep. As an early riser I relish these quiet hours of the day. Nobody wants anything, the chores can wait and I can savour my cup of tea.

In keeping with the day I've been thinking about resolutions and whether to make any.

For the past 10 or so years I've made a craft resolution. Often it's to learn a new skill - in 2005 it was to learn to make Bobbin Lace. By the start of 2006 I'd made some progress but still felt I had much to learn so carried it over to 2006.

2007 I was to learn how to spin - I'm going to carry this over. I've made some progress, got a wheel and had some fun getting to know her - but I wouldn't say I've learnt to spin.

I've also dug out Alpine Seasons from the UFO pile so I'm going to work steadily on this (one day it might look like this)

I've also got a cardigan that I would like to finish knitting before our camping trip in August

..........and knit a jumper for DH

On a none craft front there are some self imposed deadlines I'd like to meet on a course of study I'm doing. Not to mention some major changes in how I earn my living.

In summary 2008 is a year for progression.

Good Luck and Enjoy!!!!


Mrs J said...

Happy New Year! I've never made a crafting new years resolution, but then again I have only been knitting again for 18 months & only stitched on & off. I will give it some thought! I have kept up with Ravelry's Sock KAL since it started in August & I certainly intend to see it through- its Cookie A or Entalac I think for January (Anonymous Sock Knitters Group).I will also knit something from Nancy Bush's Folk Knitting in Estonia!Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hello my friend, good luck with keeping to your deadlines, I'm sure you will do it.
Love the cardigan and jumper designs, is hubby's a plain one? cant quite make it out.
My resolution is to lose weight lol again.
Hugs Colly