Sunday, January 06, 2008

Reverting to type

If I'm dishcloth cotton I suppose I'd better.....................

This was inspired by the January Challenge on Downsizer.  I cast on during the Worlds Strongest Man and a large glass of wine and cast off during the Darts and another large glass of wine.  It's amazing the spelling was right!!!

As a quick easy knit it was fun.  I got it from Knits by Rachel  There are plenty of sites that have free dishcloth patterns a google search will reveal all.

I think I'm going to have a go at a cabled one or an entrelac one next - it's a great way to try out new stitches and you get a quick finish and useful product.  

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Mrs J said...

I didn't even know that there were dishcloth patterns until I found them on Ravelry! Will go & look up 'oven hangers' -one might be handy on the Rayburn!