Friday, April 04, 2008


Yesterday I ventured out of the Dale.  Not only did I leave the Dale I went 'down south' - to Cambridge to be precise.

For the past 10 days dalesboy has been away on a residential music course with the National Children's Wind Orchestra.  Yesterday was the end of course concert in Cambridge.  I was so impressed.  The children ranged in age from about 10 to 15 (dalesboy is 12) and the music they produced would rival any adult orchestra.  

We got there several hours early, the weather was beautiful and we had lunch in a pub by the river watching the punts.  We had supper in the same pub after the concert - it was like a summer evening.

For the first time in months a whole day passed and I didn't knit, spin or do anything remotely fibre related.  I had the [cranford mitts](pattern) in my bag just in case and I normally knit during concerts and pub lunches and all that general hanging about time - for some reason it didn't even occur to me.

We all got back safe and sound late last night.  It's great to have Dalesboy back, although he's so tired I think he'll spend all day in bed whilst I knit - normality is resumed.

I've just checked this after I'd uploaded it.  Ravelery peeps can you see what I did?  In Ravelry if you mention the name of a pattern you can create an automatic link to it by using [  ] (pattern).  Without even realising I typed Cranford Mitts in Ravspeak.  I think I might have a problem!!!

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Kelly H said...

That's too funny about the Ravelry coding...I did it on a blog yesterday and caught myself and laughed out loud! Ravelry is spoiling us!