Sunday, April 13, 2008

The craft of women

This weekend I have been away on a tutorial with 11 other women.  As well as exploring the physicality of birth (we are studying to be antenatal teachers) we made music, danced and laughed. 

As I sat at breakfast waiting for the day to begin I was knitting.  This prompted a wonderful conversation and the sharing of memories about knitting, sewing and craft in general.  We recognised that creating things is a wonderful way of expressing ourselves.  We knit baby jackets, socks and jumpers.  Scarves that go on for ever and dishcloths to clean the kitchen.  We make quilts to warm our children and touch our souls.  We create meals to nourish our families.  We create homes within which we nurture all who enter.

We were all creative in some way.

Women create baby's.  

Women are creative.

Although I have done very little quilting I shall make a birth quilt.  A quilt that I will take with me to tutorials, study days and meetings.  It will come with my when I go as a Doula to support women whilst they have their baby.  It will be used by me, my friends and colleagues, it will go on the floor as a rug, maybe to cover a window or hide an ugly television.  Small children will play on and under it.  It will cover me whilst I knit.  It will nurture a birthing women and provide warmth to anxious partners.

As I make this quilt I will think of all the ways it might be used and I will visualise all those people this quilt will touch - I will create.

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful ways your quilt will be used my friend, it will touch so many lives in different ways. Maybe I might get a snuggle under it too.
Hugs Colly