Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last evening

Tuesdays are designated knitting/spinning evenings at my home.  Dalesman and Dalesboy go out to twist and turn at their aikido class and I am home alone.

It's become a bit of a ritual

First of all I put some laundry on and prepare some supper - usually some spelt pasta and homemade pesto.  Then I tidy and clean the kitchen.  The lounge gets a quick tidy then I put the kettle on and make a pot of peppermint tea.  The only light on is the one by my 'nest' and the laptop is sat on top of my workbasket.

I decide what podcasts to listen to.  Amongst the choices are:  the Archers omnibus, Cast On, Sticks and String, Y Knits, Knit Picks, Faery Knitting.

Finally I decide on which project to knit, click play and I'm off.

Last evening I was sat knitting on a cardigan for a yet to be born knitter.  So many of my friends are having babies it's fantastic - keep up the good work girls and boys.

After a couple of hours I realised I was totally relaxed and at peace.  There was a huge thunderstorm and I just carried on safe and secure in my 'nest'.

When it was time to go to bed I took Knitting in America with me.  I love this book.  My copy is getting really tatty cos I read it all the time.  Not only are the pieces in it wonderful the stories of knitters across America are truly inspirational.

Finally I fell asleep and had the most wonderful dream about a large complicated knitting project.

By the way I thought I'd share..........................

129 sleeps till we're off to see the Harlot

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Kelly H. said...

Sounds like a perfect evening! I can't wait for the Yarn Harlot! Wahoo!