Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yarn Diet - an update

Well it's been a few weeks now and I've been good - quite often clicking things into my basket at my favourite online shops but then emptied them and gone away.............until today.

As the Forest Canopy Shawl is doing so well it was time to start looking for a shawl pin - as Sue says they are chic.

Well look what I found...........'s at Purlscene and I think it will be perfect on the Shawl.  I clicked it into my basket and the kind people at Purlscene came up with a recommendation of something else I might right they are............

"Casbah combines machine washable merino (80%) with a touch of nylon and (ooh!) cashmere (10% each) for a sock yarn that’s hardwearing, yet luxurious"

Well some of that clicked into my basket also and then with total disregard for the Yarn Diet I clicked buy and those gorgeous items are all mine.

I have confessed all to my dear Nutty Knitters over at Ravelry and as Kelly said a diet is not about deprivation and I have already saved lots by not buying things so I'm hopping straight back on the wagon - until Woolfest that is.


Mrs J said...

You may have fallen off the wagon but you have fallen in style! Forest Canopy is looking great btw!

Kelly H. said...

I can't get over how great the Forest Canopy looked in your other was totally deserving of a shawl pin (and you of some new yarn for knitting it!). Enjoy!