Saturday, May 24, 2008

Did I get it

Well Anne to answer your question yes.......and no.   As so often happens there is a tale to tell.

I've spent the week tracking the UPS delivery status of this.....

This is the Swift by Tom Binh.  It is a tote/shoulder bag specifically for knitters designed by Tom in collaboration with the readers of Knitty magazine.  It features all sorts of nifty things that make it so special for knitters.  For a great review and pictures check here  It was an impulsive and expensive purchase and I'm really looking forward to using it.

Anyhow the USPS tracking service told me it was to be delivered on Friday.  I arrived home at 3.30pm to find a completely blank UPS delivery slip pushed through the door.  As there was nothing written on it I had a look around to see if it had been left outside anywhere and when I couldn't find it I rang the UPS people.

I was told it had been delivered at 2.57pm and signed for by Scott.  I live in the middle of nowhere and have two neighbours neither of whom are called Scott - although my immediate neighbour is a Scotsman!!!

I wandered over to his garden to see if he had it.  Apparently he had been snoozing in his chair when his doorbell went.  At the door was the delivery man who asked for me.  He was directed to my frontdoor (harder than it sounds) by the friendly Scotsman.  A few minutes later out of the corner of his eye my neighbour saw the delivery man wandering back down the drive carrying my parcel.  As my neighbour got close the delivery man got in his van and drove off.

I rang UPS back and told them the tale - which they said couldn't have happened because it had been signed for in the name of Scott.  Two hours later I got through to their tracking department and the nice man there suggested it may have gone back to the Leeds depot.  When I asked him if this was definitely the case he admitted that he didn't know and couldn't find out until Tuesday morning.  However, it will probably be delivered on Tuesday.  

I'm not going to work on Tuesday, I shall sit in the garden and wait patiently knitting for the potential delivery of my bag.


Kelly H. said...

GRR! How frustrating!

Perhaps it is with the malabrigo swap package that I sent to the states! Somewhere, someone is knitting something in style, and storing it an adorable bag to boot!

Darcy said...

Hi there!

Wow, I'm sorry about all the troubles with your package. :(

I'm Darcy from TOM BIHN. Please email me at my first name @ with your name and I will look into this for you ASAP. Surely there's something that we can do.