Sunday, May 11, 2008

Knitting Appreciated

Today I've finished the Cranford Mitts....

After being stalled for about six weeks I finished mitt one on Thursday evening and Mitt two about half an hour ago (Sunday).

It's an absolutely lovely pattern to knit - really intuitive and uses hardly any yarn.  I have plenty of the fyberspates left....... well as almost all of the bitter chocolate merino from the Yarn Yard

This is a good thing as on Friday I took the one finished mitt to work for show and tell.  Matilda liked it so much that she asked me to knit her a pair.  What was especially exciting about her request was that she didn't expect me to do it for nothing, nor did she want me to put a price on the mitts.  Rather wonderfully she instinctively offered to make me something in exchange.  Matilda's schooldays were spent at a Steiner School and she is wonderfully creative - I don't know yet what the barter will be but I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Meanwhile I get to knit this pattern twice more - isn't it lovely when your knitting is appreciated?

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Mrs J said...

Good work! The mitts look great.