Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sat Sitting

The weather here in the UK has been beautiful recently.  It's been warm but with a refreshing breeze.  At at work during the day I kept the office cool by opening windows first thing and putting the fan on. 

When I got home I made a pot of peppermint tea to drink in my favourite mug........

I took it outside with Secret Knitting and sat on Keypa's bench.

My Keypa (granddad) was an engineer who invented things in a Heath Robinson kind of way. One day he found two iron ends of a bench abandoned in a coppice at the back of our house. They were rusty and unloved and he cleaned them up and painted them.  He then acquired some beautiful wood and assembled this bench.  

This summer it's time to rub down the ends and give them a lick of pain and treat the wood.  He died many, many years ago (about 16 I think) and I love that when I sit on this bench I know it was his hands that put it together.

When my Granny left home to live with friends in a nursing home she took this bench with her and we bought the table so she could sit outside her room and have tea.  Now the bench and table sit in my garden and on warm days I like to come home from work, drink tea, knit and remember my family.

PS  When I was very little my Keypa had retired from his engineering job and was working as a concierge/caretaker at the town hall - he wore a huge ring of keys on his belt and forever after was known as Keypa.

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