Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a secret

I'd really like to share some of the wonderful things I'm creating at the moment.

There's a gorgeous piece of knitting, it's in a really beautiful colour with the most fantastic yarn. It's almost done and is going to look amazing.

Then there's a piece of needlework. It's a fun stitch - really cute.

However, there's a catch - they are both secret projects.

One of the great things about being part of an internet community is that there are frequent opportunities to create things for other people. The bad thing is that while you are creating them you can't talk about them cos they are a secret.

Sometimes the person will know they are getting a gift but not know what it is or who it will be from. The piece of knitting is part of the the Summer Swap on the At Home in Harrogate. We will be exchanging gifts in September and until then I must knit in Secret.

I am able to tell you even less about the piece of needlework - that is so secret I may have to turn the 'puter off while I stitch - just in case you can see it!!!!

What I can share with you is the progress on The November Topaz Fairie by Mirabilia

I had a terrible shock at the weekend. I had ordered the beads for this piece from my local needlework shop. The bill was £56.00!!!!! I am sure she will be stunningly beautiful and that the beads will add a whole new dimension to the piece of work. However, I am so pleased that my Husband doesn't read my blog. Son if you're reading this please remember sometimes a Secret is a good thing (see above).

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Anonymous said...

Oh Samantha, I'm still in shock about the price of those beads, I bet both our faces were a picture in that shop LOL
She is coming along beautifully, I'm glad you are enjoying stitching her.
Hugs Colly