Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lots of pictures

Our village has the cutest church:

This bus is responsible for our enforced snow day it was stuck on the hill until noon and effectively cut the village off from civilization:
Somehow our postie managed to get through - he was seen driving his van backwards up the hill. Not only this but he did it all with a smile:
I love this picture:
Off a sledging we go:
Our lane:

The village children having fun:

Now I'm sat by the fire eating warm mince pies and knitting.


Anonymous said...

The perfect day!

jamsandwich said...

SO beautiful! This is one of my loses in life because I somehow ended up living my life in Australia my boys will never wake up to fresh snow outside their bedroom window and that amazing silence that seems to accompany a fresh snowfall and never get a snow day from school. I wish I was there to go sledging, build a snowman and warm my blue fingers around a hot cup of tea. Enjoy it for me too. I love snow.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see a postie with a smile on his face,
Sledging sounds so much fun, many years since i did that
Take care

Anonymous said...

ahh I wondered who had got all our snow, we only got a smattering in s.yorks lol
Great photos Samantha!
Hayley x

Greentwinsmummy said...

Gosh those photos are quite stunning DG,they would make fantastic cards!
I wish the smalls could see snow like othat one day,I shall have to wsh harder lol!
GTM x x x

Kim said...

What beautiful pictures, it looks like Narnia in your village :)

I'm loving your blog, by the way, I wish I'd looked sooner.

Kim x (Yarrow)

hen said...

What amazing photos, especially the first one! Beautiful! I love snow and hope, hope, hope, we get some down here.

It sends our collie insane though. She runs at full speed and skids and then fights it. Hilarious!

You live in such a beautiful place. :o)


nita x said...

what amazing pictures, you live in a beautiful area :o)

I Believe In Fairytales said...

what gorgeous pictures, you could turn them into Christmas cards.

MrsL said...

Lovely photos!

Nice blog too. :)



Colette said...

I agree with everyone who said they would make great christmas cards.
These are beautiful scenes Samantha and I wish I was with you.
Hugs Colly