Monday, December 29, 2008

Seize the Year

Inspired by a thread over on the Creative Living forum this is my 2009 list - not resolutions but a focus for the year.

Set the raised veg beds
Dig out the raised flower bed and prep for veggies
Plant an apple tree
Plant brambles along wall at back of garden
Plant rhubarb
CHICKENS – where, when, how
Spend more time outside.

Paint kitchen ceiling
Repair skirting in dining room (sand, fill and paint)
Repair walls in dining room (previous house bunny ate wallpaper and plaster!!!)
Get and fit new carpet for dining room (old carpet taken up on Saturday)
Declutter – one drawer/cupboard per week
Clean windows (14 old sash windows with small panes that I’ve been ignoring for EVER)

Prepare portfolio to enter the Lace Guild’s Intermediate Assessment – this is a whole year task as need to make another couple of pieces.
Spin more – preparing fleece from scratch.
Attend basket-making course (inspired by hen and encouraged by DH)
Make Christmas decorations/cards for next year in plenty of time.
Make bags
Remember how to make clothes and make some skirts for me

Spend less, budget more
Up my fitness levels
Catch bus to new job so that I can walk up and down hill to bus stop (see above)
Be consistent, efficient and effective in my studies and move forward significantly
Be a good friend

Being prepared-
Go to car boots to get some kitchen items that I’m missing
Preserve, can, pickle
Build store cupboard up
Manifest woodburner (DH is a carpenter so plenty of free wood)
Baby steps towards going off grid
Self-sufficiency here we come


Greentwinsmummy said...

Happy new Year DG x I spy a gorgeous little pioneer up on your blog! go girl you will never rgret it :o)
GTM x x x

hen said...

cor blimey! Sounds fantastic! Don't let anything stop you!