Sunday, September 06, 2009

Going Offline

Since Dalesman bought me a laptop computer a couple of years ago I've spent more and more time on the internet.

I check my emails, read and post on various the forums, catch up with blogs, play Facebook games, search for books on Green Metropolis, keep up to date with bookings on courses and generally surf my away around any random thought that enters my head. Then when I've done all that I start again in a never ending circle of internet activity.

I spend my day job on the computer and I'm studying so spending time researching and writing essays takes up more of my time.

So in line with some wonderful people I know I have decided to have one computer free day each week. Choosing the day hasn't been too difficult. I work Mon, Weds-Fri and am on a computer all day. Although I don't 'work' Tuesdays it's my official study day so need my computer for essays, literature searches etc. Which leaves Saturdays and Sundays. Sunday is the day I generally have the most spare time to spend on the computer so that's the day.

Beginning next Sunday 13th September I shall be going offline each and every Sunday.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tremendous Inspiration

Recently a dear friend of mine received some gift vouchers and she spent them on stitching stash that she’d had her eye on for a while. Excitedly she couldn’t wait to start stitching but soon realised that the hand drawn pattern was bad, very bad. There were mistakes galore and it was one big frustrating mess.

Well she could have moaned and groaned, whinged and complained ~ and she was certainly fed up.

But she turned a negative into a huge positive and has just designed the most beautiful Hardanger Santa I think I’ve ever seen.

Her inspiration was the absolute rubbish she was being asked to deal with.
So when life serves you a plate full of rubbish please remember my dear friend Colly ~ have a moan and a whinge, get fed up and then turn that energy around and do something tremendous.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009



I have spent the past 5 days on The Mother Retreat.

Camping, compost loos, no hot water, communal cooking/eating, blessingway, naming ceremony, mens circle, singing under the spreading chestnut tree, birth circle, tea, rain, mud, wind and sun, children, music around the campfire, new friendships.

I experienced my perfect day ~ you know the one that sometimes you dare to dream when life is just a bit mundane. I got up and helped prepare breakfast for camp, made carrott cake for 100+, attended a blessingway, shared birth stories in a replica iron age round house and sat around the campfire listening to my son and one of the fathers play guitar whilst we sang.

I love being the parent of a teenage boy and having one of the oldest children at camp I sometimes wondered why we were there.

It was about the sharing ~ men sharing their experiences of being fathers, children sharing mud pies and games of tig, women sharing birth stories and tears, we shared the rain, wind and sun, we shared life experiences and it was wonderful.

I just don't know if I'm going to be able to find my everyday 'reality' and do I really want to?