Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tremendous Inspiration

Recently a dear friend of mine received some gift vouchers and she spent them on stitching stash that she’d had her eye on for a while. Excitedly she couldn’t wait to start stitching but soon realised that the hand drawn pattern was bad, very bad. There were mistakes galore and it was one big frustrating mess.

Well she could have moaned and groaned, whinged and complained ~ and she was certainly fed up.

But she turned a negative into a huge positive and has just designed the most beautiful Hardanger Santa I think I’ve ever seen.

Her inspiration was the absolute rubbish she was being asked to deal with.
So when life serves you a plate full of rubbish please remember my dear friend Colly ~ have a moan and a whinge, get fed up and then turn that energy around and do something tremendous.

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Colette said...

Insert a big smiley face here
Hugs Colly