Tuesday, September 01, 2009



I have spent the past 5 days on The Mother Retreat.

Camping, compost loos, no hot water, communal cooking/eating, blessingway, naming ceremony, mens circle, singing under the spreading chestnut tree, birth circle, tea, rain, mud, wind and sun, children, music around the campfire, new friendships.

I experienced my perfect day ~ you know the one that sometimes you dare to dream when life is just a bit mundane. I got up and helped prepare breakfast for camp, made carrott cake for 100+, attended a blessingway, shared birth stories in a replica iron age round house and sat around the campfire listening to my son and one of the fathers play guitar whilst we sang.

I love being the parent of a teenage boy and having one of the oldest children at camp I sometimes wondered why we were there.

It was about the sharing ~ men sharing their experiences of being fathers, children sharing mud pies and games of tig, women sharing birth stories and tears, we shared the rain, wind and sun, we shared life experiences and it was wonderful.

I just don't know if I'm going to be able to find my everyday 'reality' and do I really want to?

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Colette said...

It sounds like the perfect end to the summer holidays Samantha :o)
Carrott cake for a 100 just how big was the tin lol
Welcome back to reality dear, for the present anyway
hugs Colly