Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leaving my seat in the Circle

Three and a half years ago I began training as an antenatal teacher. It's been an interesting journey and I am a more mindful, reflective, wise and tolerant woman for it.

I've met some amazing people who will be friends for life. I've written over 30,000 words, sat through over 350 hours of tutorials/workshops, done 4 assessed presentations, driven over 3,000 miles, laughed, cried and met 24 babies whose parents shared part of their journey with me.

I spent this weekend with some of the wisest, most nurturing, supportive and realistic women I know. As a tutorial group we have shared our stories, our tears, our love, our sadness and our inspiration.

It was my turn to move on ~ my turn to get up and leave my seat in the circle ~ in September another wise woman will complete that circle............................I wish her well.

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Kim said...

Even though I understand that the circle is constantly changing and that your journey must continue I will miss you terribly during tutorial. Well done and thank goodness you changed groups, my life is richer for knowing you. XX