Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear Sweet William

Some people get company cars, bonuses or expense accounts as job benefits.  I once worked for a tobacco company and got 200 cigarettes a month as a perk of the job.

Now as an Antenatal Teacher and a Doula my job benefits are baby cuddles and occaisionally I am present when a new human being is born.

Last week I was at a birth that touched and changed me as much as I believe know it has the parents.

When I support a woman through birth in a way that is right for her I need to step aside from myself.   I have always said 'it's not about me'..................except last week it was..........

It was about me and my passion and purpose.  It was about me and my faith.

Part of my journey through the past 10 years has been the opportunity to discern what it is I am to do - what is my purpose.  It doesn't always make sense but it is very clear to me that my work with couples during pregnancy, birth and beyond is my purpose and therefore it has become my passion.  

I do not always enjoy it.  Sometimes it is hard and nasty, heartbreaking and messy.  But every time I pick up my basket I thank God that this is how I serve.   When I hear of a baby being born I thank God and over 350 babies later I still cry each and every time.

I am very uncomfortable talking about religion and faith - yet it has always been part of who I am.  I believe in God, I worship, I pray, I read the Bible and Quaker Faith and Practice.  If I am declaring a denomination then it is Quaker.  I was raised Catholic by an extraordinarily devout Grandmother, I have skirted CofE and for a while now I've found a home with Quakers.

Last week I was at a birth that touched and changed me.  

And after a lifetime of silence I am blogging about my faith and practice because it's important to me and because last week as a newborn Baby lay in the arms of newborn Parents I was asked two questions:

'Are you religious?'

'Would you be William's Godmother?'

So Dear Sweet William my testimony to you is that we will have fun and adventures, quiet time, laughter and tears.  But above all I will be there alongside you on your journey toward your passion and purpose with faith and belief.

Lots of Love
Your Fairy Godmother


Fay Gibson said...

Wonderful. I'm so glad you are blogging and writing, I love reading your posts. How apt that our first Durham NCT tutorials were held in the Quaker meeting House. Do you remember? Much love xx Fay

Dalesgirl said...

Thank you Fay. I do remember, I felt very at home :) xx