Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A year of silence.

In the 12 months since my last post things have changed quite a lot.

The biggest change was my desicion to become self employed.    It was a well thought out and supported process that started about this time last year, lead to a reflective Christmas and New Year and then I finally took the plunge in April.

It has not been at all like I imagined.

It's taken almost all of those seven months to begin to find a rhythm.   There was an inherent routine in having a job that for 25 years I took for granted.   It's as simple as getting up in the morning.   For 25 years my morning routine has been guided by what time I start work, how long my drive is, do I have nursery/school drop off etc.   Suddenly it's gone...................and I realise I'm not as much of a morning person as I thought I was.   These past couple of weeks I think I've found my morning routine.   Mr P's alarm goes off at 6.30am and at some point between then and 7.30am I get up make tea and breakfast and take it back to bed where I sit for an hour reading/listening/thinking. 

I also fell quickly into the trap of working 14 hour days.  Being at my desk at 8am and because I often work evenings I'd get home about 10pm.  I also regularly work weekends yet wasn't compensating with taking day off during the week.

I've a long way to go before I find an ease with my new lifestyle.  Today I'm baking cakes (an apple one and a lemon drizzle) doing some chores and then I'll sit knitting for a while before working this evening.

Oh and it's nice to be back - I've missed you.

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