Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anticipatory Excitement

Last night I finished my main knitting project - Dark Pearl is off the needles. It needs blocking and buttons but the knitting is done.    A lovely, quick knit with no seaming (I hate seaming).

This leaves me without any knitting - well except for socks (there's always socks), puffs and a snowman!

The timing is perfect as any day now yarn will arrive and I'll start swatching for the Strokkur KAL  on Ravelry.  "Swatching?" I hear you ask quizzically.  Yes I'll be doing two or three - needles, yarns and colour dominance all need some thought and planning.

We'll be knitting Strokkur in the round so swatching needs a little more consideration. Fortunately Ysolda has done the thinking for us with this great post on Swift Swatching 

And if you're still choosing colours this is one of my favourite posts on the subject, another from the Technique Thursday series, also by Ysolda (why yes I am a huge fan girl!).

I love, love, love the planning involved in the lead up to a new major project. Every new project is an adventure and I wonder where this one will take us?

Happy Swatching!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday colour dominance

It's a rare Saturday when I'm not working.  I usually drive a couple of hours East or North to teach a full day antenatal class with the NCT and then drive home again.  I think I have some of the best jobs in the world (I have three or four) but a Saturday off is special.  Mr P is working and Calum, who is home from University for the summer, is still sleeping

It began with a pot of tea (Earl Gray Rooibush- no milk thank you), a pen, notebook, laptop in my lap and a Podcast on in the background (KnitBritish).

I'm planning the Strokkur KAL and want to understand more about colour dominance.  The pattern by Ysolda Teague is stunningly effective and not too complicated.  A quick Google and lo and behold I discover a post by Ysolda in her Technique Thursday series all about colour dominance.

Dovestone Natural Aran - my yarn of choice for this project comes in five natural shades.

The pattern uses three colours - the Main Colour (MC) which is used for the body of the sweater.  Contrasting Colour 1 (CC1), and Contrasting Colour 2 (CC2).   I've chosen #2 for the body with #5 and #3 for the other two.  But I haven't decided which one will be CC1 and which CC2.

So today I'm going to read about and understand colour dominance and then do two swatches and see the difference for myself.  Forty years knitting and I'm still learning!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Knit Along with me

Mostly these days I'm knitting with Titus by baa ram ewe - Dark Pearl by Carol Feller is on the needles and very nearly finished.

Titus* is everything I want in yarn - nice to handle, lovely colours, beautiful fabric when knitted up - and it's from Yorkshire.  As a proud Yorkshire Lass it makes me happy to support Yorkshire in any which way I can.  And it may be my imagination but I'm sure I knit faster................

I've been so besotted by Titus that I haven't tried the other yarns produced by baa ram ewe - Dovestone DK or Dovestone Natural Aran - launched just last week as part of the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.

However, that is set to change as I am delighted to be hosting a Knit Along on the baa ram ewe group on Ravelry.   We're going to be knitting Strokkur - a fabulous pattern by Ysolda Teague and featured on the front cover of the book to accompany the new yarn.

This is the KAL for you if you've been wanting to knit your first sweater - it's knit in the round with some lovely colourwork.  And if all of that is new to you then it's a great opportunity to join in, learn some new skills and have fun - all from the comfort of your knitting corner at home.  You'll even have a finished sweater for those cold, cosy nights by the fire or a Christmas present (I'm knitting for my son's girlfriend).

I've got some great ideas for the next couple of months and to join us click over to the Ravelry Group and let me know you want to take part.   We're planning to cast on August 1st (or thereabouts) so you've got a couple of weeks to choose your colourway, get your sticks ready and swatch - yes I really do think you ought to!

Any questions just ask and I'll see you on Ravelry soon.

* Even the inspiration for the name is Yorkshire - Titus Salt a great philanthropist and Yorkshire mill owner.

NB - this isn't a sponsored post I'm just a huge fan.