Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anticipatory Excitement

Last night I finished my main knitting project - Dark Pearl is off the needles. It needs blocking and buttons but the knitting is done.    A lovely, quick knit with no seaming (I hate seaming).

This leaves me without any knitting - well except for socks (there's always socks), puffs and a snowman!

The timing is perfect as any day now yarn will arrive and I'll start swatching for the Strokkur KAL  on Ravelry.  "Swatching?" I hear you ask quizzically.  Yes I'll be doing two or three - needles, yarns and colour dominance all need some thought and planning.

We'll be knitting Strokkur in the round so swatching needs a little more consideration. Fortunately Ysolda has done the thinking for us with this great post on Swift Swatching 

And if you're still choosing colours this is one of my favourite posts on the subject, another from the Technique Thursday series, also by Ysolda (why yes I am a huge fan girl!).

I love, love, love the planning involved in the lead up to a new major project. Every new project is an adventure and I wonder where this one will take us?

Happy Swatching!

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