Friday, January 28, 2005

Decision made - perhaps

Some new fabric arrived yesterday for Mystery Sampler 1. It's a nice belfast linen with a lovely feel to it. I chose one that had a varigated effect - it's described as 'vintage' the effect is a little uniform but when its got stitches on parts of it that probably wont be noticeable.

DH was shocked that I was going to start again which made me question my decision. However, thanks to the comments of a good ole moose on the Chatelaine Ezboard I feel a little more confident and will do the deed over the weekend.

Tomorrow sees the return of indoor cricket practice for DS so my travel project will see some serious input on a regular basis. Made my first none stitiching related impulse buy in ages yesterday - an ipod mini. However, it isn't entirely unrelated to stitching as I'll be able to listen while DH watches hours of Sci Fi and I stitch. It will also be invaluable during the cricket practice stitching!!!


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