Monday, January 31, 2005

Framing the first time

I've done it - my first attempt at framing. Unfortunately this didn't get finished in time for DS stocking but he's thrilled with it all the same.

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The frame came from Heritage Stitchcraft and is sold specifically for the Squircles range. I found some instructions in a magazine for lacing and spent a happy hour pinning and lacing whilst DS made a birthday card for my SIL - a lovely crafy time. Quick question - do you leave the pins in after you have laced?

Well thanks to Carol (my first comment - thank you) and a good kindly Moose I took the plunge and on Saturday the horrible fabric came off the frame and was replaced with a lovely piece of vintage belfast. The difference was amazing.

I stitched on the Chatelaine Mystery Sampler 1 Saturday evening and almost all of yesterday. I've not only caught up with where I was but have done loads more. I didn't have to do any frogging and it looks really nice.

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I am so pleased that I took the plunge 'cos now I'm really enjoying stitching it whereas it was a bit of a chore before. So an important lesson learnt - isn't the online community just great.


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Anonymous said...

It does look lovely - what a difference the change of fabric has made!

You've done a great job of the framing too - centred perfectly from what I can see. Oh yeah, and the pins should come out after you have laced. The lacing should hold it tight enough for the fabric not to loosed once the pins are removed. Hope this helps

Karen F