Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Clickity Shop, Clickity Shop

How did we manage to get supplies before the Internet? I've managed to restrain my online shopping recently I'll admit it was getting a little out of control. So throughout November, December and January I didn't buy anthing.

It was payday last Thursday and to celebrate a small payrise I've been doing a bit of shopping.


I've been lurking on the Terea Wentzler's Ezboard and am taken with the Lady of Shallott and the 12 days of Christmas.

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I haven't stitched any TW but have decided to add them to my to do pile. I ordered the charts yesterday from Sew and So and as usual their service was impeccable. I've been studying the LoS chart this morning it looks a bit daunting but I do love the colours and the intricicy of the design makes this a truly sumptious piece.

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The 12 days of Christmas is so lovely and makes a change from so many Christmas ornaments you see. I think I would like to stitch these as two bell pulls with six ornaments on each. I have a huge brick fireplace and they would look stunning displayed this way.

I also got the latest chart from Sue Hillis. I love her "I shall wear purple...." design and it's also in my to do pile. This made me laugh when I saw it so just had to add it to the pile.

My chart buying theory is that if I don't buy it when I see it when I get around to being ready to stitich it will be out of print and hard to get!!!!


This is definitly stitching related because when reading about the Lady of Shallot on the Ezboard I read about Loreena McKennitt and ordered her CD with the song on it from Amazon. The whole CD was so fab I ordered another one of hers yesterday which arrived today. It's such lovely music to stitch by.

I have also joined Silkweavers Stash of the Month Club - very excited about that and can't wait for it to arrive on this side of the pond.

My final spree for the month was at The Silver Needle where I've got some Q-Snaps on order, some thread straighteners and a ruler. Again just got to wait for their long journey to finish.

Mmmmmm looks a lot when you write it down - that's it now until next payday. I'm writing a wish list during the month and then the things I still want on payday I'll consider buying. This month I actually deleted a few things off the list - so much for impulse shopping.


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