Thursday, March 10, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question

"Do you have a favourite designer (or designers)? If so, who is it and why is he or she your favourite?"

There is no contest my favourite designer is - Chatelaine - Martina Weber.

Her use of colour combined with the different types of cotton/silks/beads/crysals and speciality stitches always result in the most stunning designs imaginable. Personally I am not a fan of cartoon or character stitching and find many designs available in the UK a little twee and uninspiring - personal opinion only of course.

Despite the apparant complexity of the finished work the charts are always easy to read and the support offered from Martina herself along with the enthusiastic online communities found at yahoo and ezboard make stitching a real 'family' affair.

I'm currently working on three Chatelaines at the moment - the Mystery Sampler referred to below.

Mermaid Treasure Box - having a wee rest from this one at the moment to concentrate on getting the sampler ready for the Village Show.

Alpine Seasons - this has just started and I am stitching if for my Mother's 60th birthday.

The downside is that using such wonderful materials can make kitting up a little expensive. However, with Alpine I bought from European Crosstitch Company who not only offer a good price, they often allow monthly payment terms (that's how I afforded Alpine) and when the parcel arrives it is so beautifully packaged it's like recieving a present from a friend.

I wonder who everybody else likes? Better go read some blogs.


Carol said...

Hi - I agree with you, Martina's designs are outstanding!!! Still love many others, too - but hers are so gorgeous and such fun to stitch!

Gill said...

You've got me curious! Chatelaine seems to be in a different league to the sort of stitching I do. Is it mainly cross stitch? Or a mixture of different types of stitching?