Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stitching Hiatus - not

I feel as if I've had a stitching hiatus. Notice I say feel cos when I sat to think about it actually I've had two finishes. I finished stitching the name badge for the Aion get together in April. I then made it into the badge so it's all ready to go................which is more than I am there's a list as long as my...........little finger of things to prepare, pack, finish etc. Now where did I put that goody bag.

I also started and finished an Easter Ornament for the Easter Bunnie Exchange on Aion - better not say anything more than that......................................will post piccie after Exchange has finished. I was really please though cos for the first time I diviated from a pattern. Using the Silkweaver Stash of the Month from February I used both different fabric and different threads to the pattern and cos the fabric was so nice I didn't fill in the background.

I suppose what I mean by a stitching hiatus is that I haven't done anything on the Chatelaine Mystery Sampler 1 for about a week. I had a lovely time with my best friend over the weekend (thanks Julianna for your best wishes) although when I sat down to stitch while we chatted one afternoon she was almost rude humpf - no chance she was going to get the bug. Good suggestion though from my annoymous commentator.

However I now have the most wonderful incentive to catch up and finish in June. I got a sneak preview of the schedule of classes for our village show today (DH helps to organise it and as he hasn't got an e-mail address everything comes to me - he tells me he doesn't need one. After all he's only got 6 today!!!!!) Anyway there is a Cross Stitch and Drawn Thread class that I would love to enter this into. However the last part will be published June 1st and I need to finish stitcing and get it back from the framers by 10pm on July 29th!!!!!!! I've almost finished part 2 and part 3 was released March 1st so I can play catch up over the Easter break and provided I can motivate myself to stay on track I should be able to do it.

"The Mrs S B Ward Cup for best embroidery knitting or sewing goes to Sparkly Stitches"

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