Monday, April 04, 2005

An A-Z of me

I've read this on a couple of blogs today and really like it so here is my version:

Animals: Toe Toe (albino, blind, Guinea Pig) Herbert (tortoiseshell Guinea Pig) brother of Toe Toe, Thumper – Netherland Dwarf Rabbit (about the size of a small cat/large kitten)
Best Friend(s): Since I was 17 one really good very, very bestest friend – she knows who she is.
Car: Silver, Shogun Pinin
Desire(s): every since I was little it’s been the same – to be happy, healthy and wise.
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Foods: Chicken Dhansak Curry.
Garden Stuff: more trees than I can count, a ‘host of golden daffodills’, two washing lines, a white picket gate, bonfire pile, hammock, tables and chairs, Guinea Pig/Rabbitt run, lots of grass and the most amazing views you have ever seen – hanging the washing out is a real joy.
Hometown: somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.
Ice cream: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
Job: Company Director – ssshhh don’t tell anybody
Keepsake Favourite: my wedding ring was made from the gold of my Mother’s wedding ring when she was married to my Father. They may not have been married long but I like to think that at least one good thing came out of their marriage – me.
Languages: English and a smattering of French
Manias : Cross stitching, lace making
Name: Sparkly Stitches
Outfit I love: Long flowing skirts
Phobia: Birds especially pigeons
Quality I value the most: compassion
Relationship: Married
Suspicious of: the world media – the power they have is phenomenal
Television Show(s): Charmed, Medical Investigation, CSI
Unsavoury Characteristic: judgemental
Volunteer: yes I do
Webpage: only this blog
Xylophone (or other instrument): my voice
Year Born: 1969
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio – watch that sting

I know it's not stitching related but just thought it was fun.


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