Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lots and lots to say

I've just retrieved this from my Mother's camera. It was stitched as a gift for a friend of hers. It's from JCS Christmas Ornaments 2004 - it was a really quick stitch and I'm really pleased with it.

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I've been working away on the over one stitching for the Mystery Sampler I. I've got the hang of the over one now and quite enjoy it. There's a slight mistake on one of the letters but I'm going to leave it - mistakes prove it's hand made LOL.

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I've been neglecting to read the Yahoo groups recently and was presently suprised that I was able to download all parts to this along with a significant number of the passwords. I completely forgot it was a mystery until my Niece was asking questions about it at the weekend. She's only 8 and couldn't quite understand that I had no idea what the finished thing was going to look like. She needn't worry because its stitching up beautifully.

In answer to last week's question of the week my next speciality stitch will be the Diamond Eyelets in the inner border of this piece.

Aion Get Together - Nuneaton

Last Saturday I drove for 2 1/2 hours to get to Nuneaton to attend the Aion Ezboard Get Together. I was really nervous as it was the first one I'd been too. I'd needn't have worried it was a lovely day. Everybody was so friendly and the shared love of needlework made for a very exciting day. Can't wait until October for the next one and thanks again to everyone for
making this one so fantastic.

I even managed to do some stitiching whilst there - the blue rectangle and what looks like bulls horns at the top of the piece. It doesn't look like much but the two 'horns' are all individual stitches of different colours so it takes a while - plus there was so much chatter I'm suprised I got this much done LOL

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Just realised its the Great Northern Needlefest Show in Harrogate this weekend so I've booked Friday off work and I'll pop along there for the day. Looking forward to plenty of S.E.X.


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Carol said...

Your Mystery Sampler is looking wonderful! I really wish I had joined that group :-)