Monday, May 16, 2005

Frogging made easy

Once a month the Silkweaver Stash of the Month (SOTM) parcel arrives on my doorstep, carport, outhouse (depending on the mood of the postie).

Each month there is some fabric, some thread and some odds and ends and/or gadget. It's complete pot luck and I usually like what I get.

This month I got this:


This is Judy's Boo Boo Stick. The handle is made of walnut and the brushes are sturdy - it's a well made gadget. However, I was sceptical of its usefulness. The blurb that came with it explained how it will help you safely and neatly remove stitches.

I had reason to try it out this weekend. Whilst stitching my own design for the Aion Mail Art Design I decided that one of the colours wasn't right and that I would have to frog a whole section. What an ideal opportunity to try the Boo Boo Stick.

I snipped the front of the stitches then on the reverse of the stitching with the large brush I used an 'upward circular motion'. May I take this opportunity to say this is something everyone should have in their work box. It removed all the snipped stitches perfectly. I went back to the front of the work snipped the remaining stitches and repeated the 'upward circular motion' on the reverse and hey presto easy frogging!!!!!!!

The small brush is more gentle and apparently can be used on the front of the work to clean up any stray fibres.

Now when will my next SOTM parcel arrive.


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Gill said...

The boo boo stick sounds like an excellent tool!