Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I must be a very slow stitcher

This year I have had three finishes.
  1. An easter ornament for the Easter Bunni Exchange on Aion.
  2. Chris the Cricketer for my son
  3. my Aion name badge for the GTG.
I don't stitch in rotation and I don't have many WIPs so I conclude I must be slow. I read many blogs and am amazed and in awe at how many finishes some people achieve.

I'm still plugging away at the Chatelaine Mystery Sampler I and will take a piccie tonight to post. I've managed to finish rather a lot of over one stitching which slowed me down both mentally and physically. I'm on a bit of a spurt at the moment so maybe I can show some real progress over the next week!

My WIPs are:

Mystery Sampler I - Chatelaine
Ornament from Nuneaton GTG
Just Nan And Many More needlecase
Mermaid Treasure Box - Chatelaine

Waiting in the wings are:

Alpine Seasons - Chatelaine
Piece of mail art for the Aion Mail Art Exchange

And the list of things in the stash pile is too large to mention and getting larger each week.

I always have one quite large piece on the go and maybe that's why I feel slow......................time to stitch.


1 comment:

Gill said...

I also have only had three finishes this year, and one of them was tiny, so I must be a slow stitcher too! Although I have noticed most of the prolific stitchers don't have children which must make a huge difference to stitching time.