Thursday, May 12, 2005

Update on the Mystery Sampler

I have finally remembered to both take a picture and bring the camera with me so here is the progress as at 7am this morning - yes I was stitching the windows at 6.30am!!!

Click to enlarge.

The top is rolled around the frame so you can't see a couple of inches at the top. When I finish the centre motif I've finished part 3 of 6.

Click to enlarge.

I was hoping to thave the saying finished by tomorrow and start the centre motif over the weekend. DH is away so I've got lots of stitching time booked!!!! However, as you can see I'm on a bit of a roll so am well ahead of schedule. Just got the door, roof and some shrubs/trees o the right to do and then it's on to part 4.

I really want to enter this into our village show at the end of July. The last part is released first of June and I'm a bit behind. I think I could still do it if I get some serious stitiching in. I need to allow three or four weeks for framing so I will need to finish on or before Sunday July 10th which gives me just over 8 weeks. I've also got to get a piece of Mail Art done for the Mail Art Exchange on Aion and I'm going to a stitiching weekend with the Cross Stitch Guild in six weeks - we've also got a big conference at work so I'll probably loose a week of evening stitching in June also.

Better go get that needle out.


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Danielle said...

Hello. I just found your blog--lovely site! I am also working on the Mystery Sampler! I am very behind--still working on part 2!! I have not had much stitching time lately, but I want to get back to this one. Your work is grogeous!! I will stop back to see your progress--Danielle