Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holiday Projects

After two weeks of camping in the rain and the mud that was the south of England during August I am back home. It is so nice to be warm and dry.

For my trip I packed the following projects:

1. Baby Surprise Jacket, Elizabeth Zimmerman - Knitting
2. Tenth Anniversary Design - Elizabethan Sweete Bag, Chatelaine Designs - Needlework
3. Pretty in Pink - can't remember by whom - Needlework
4. Forever Loved - Carol Tinson - Needlework
5. Ongoing Socks - Knitting

During my trip I managed to make progress on the Baby Surprise Jacket and rip out all of the Baby Surprise Jacket and cast on the Baby Surprise Jacket and make the same amount of progress again!!!!

I was pootling along very nicely, getting into the rhythm of the project, when your fingers know what they're doing and your mind relaxes. Well there I was sat on the beach in North Devon, watching the crowds huddled under blankets. As I watched I realised something. Out of all the people I could see (probably 50+) not one of them was actually doing anything. Sure they were sat, some were sleeping and most were chatting. I couldn't see anybody reading and certainly nobody else knitting!!!

As I sat contemplating the magic that is the BSJ I realised there was something fundamentally wrong with my knitting. In my puzzlement I forgot to take a picture of the problem - but for those of you that have knit a BSJ lets just say my decreases were heading off in the same direction. Now I know the BSJ looks a little odd..........but not this odd. I worked out what I'd done so I wouldn't do it again and out it came.

However, this wasn't a problem I was enjoying knitting it so much and if I hadn't tinked I would have finished it before the end of the holiday and had to pick something else up.

It's the first time I have ripped back a project and reknit it - I think I may finally be a Knitter (I've been knitting since I was 9 - that's almost 30 years!!).

Time to cast off - pictures soon!!!

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