Sunday, September 09, 2007

Then & Now


In 1999 I decided I wanted to do a millennium project. Although I’d been stitching since I was about nine this was when I became a Stitcher.

I went into town to a large department store chose a sampler bought a flimsy frame went home and made a start using the needle and pre cut floss that came with it using the kitchen scissors to cut the thread. Sitting at home in the lounge I plodded on keeping the project in a carrier bag at the side of the sofa.


In 2007 I decided I wanted to start a significant project but wasn’t sure what. I logged on to my favourite stitching forum and browsed the posts in the finished projects section. I looked at peoples wish lists to see what they were stitching.

I then went and googled some specific designers name to see if they had anything new.

I went downstairs to the lounge opened up the dresser and rummaged around the numerous frames to find out if I had one large enough for the project I had in mind.

Then I took the materials list over to the basket at my stitching nest and looked through several floss boxes to find out what I didn’t have.

Then I drove to town to a lovely needlework shop for a chat and to get whatever materials I could from there. Back home I went internet shopping to get everything else.

I wound new floss onto bobbins as it arrived and prepared the fabric. I logged on to check for any known errors in the pattern. Fixed the fabric into my freedom frame and popped the frame onto the Lowery Stand. Picking up my Gingher scissors I cut an appropriate length of floss threaded my platinum needle and placed the first stitch.

As I stitched I listened to my favourite podcasts and updated my online friends as to the progress I was making.

I love my hobby!!!

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