Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Alpine - Part 2

Since coming out of the cupboard Alpine has been getting a lot of attention - so much so that part 2 is now finished.

Well.............that's not quite true....................I haven't finished the over one. I was getting so frustrated with it and not really liking how it was looking that I'm going to go back to that bit. I think if I do a bit at a time whilst I'm doing the rest I wont notice it so much!!!!!

I started part 3 last night. Its all backstitched alpine flowers and goes all the way around what's done so far. It looks ever so complicated. I'm taking it one section at a time. I know the placement of the centre is correct so I'm checking with each bit that it's lined up right. I think if I do one section a day during the week and two or three on Saturday and Sunday I should get to part 4 quite quickly.

Last night my DH told me how much he's going to enjoy looking at it once it's finished as not only is it very pretty but he'll appreciate all the work that's gone into it. Gosh......................no pressure then!!!!

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