Saturday, October 06, 2007

Knitting Socks

I like to knit socks.

I knit my first sock a couple of years ago - it took a long time............I never knit the second sock but I learnt a lot.

The next pair I knit for my DS but by the time I'd finished the second sock they no longer fitted him I wear them now.

Then I was on a roll and managed to knit a pair in about six weeks for me - they are lovely and I wear them all the time (except when they're stinky and waiting to go in the wash!!!!)

Then another disaster I decided to knit a pair of jaywalker socks. Now although these weren't my first pair of socks I made some real errors on the heel flap and only knit half of the required number of rows before picking up the stitches. Then for some reason when I was doing the second sock I did the kitchener stitch the wrong way round

As if that wasn't enough my gauge was well off and they are so narrow it's ridiculous - I suppose I should just rip them out.........................

Not to be deterred my next pair of socks (well the second one isn't done yet) are in Alpaca Hummingbird - they will be perfect to keep my feet warm when I'm camping. I wanted them for this August but I got distracted (with the BSJ) but they will be perfect for the next camping trip.

On the needles at the moment is yet another pair of socks using my favourite pattern and yarn - both from Opal.

These are a gift for my SIL. I'm down with the lurgy at the moment so I'm off to finish them now.

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