Monday, March 24, 2008

Where's the blogger at....

Its a bit like falling in love.  You know when all you ever think about is the new love of your
  • Waiting until you can spend time together.  
  • When you're apart thinking of amusing things to say when you see them next.  
  • You start doing new things so that you have more in common.
  • You plan the rest of your life around time when you can be together.
  • Your friends start to complain that they never see you.
Since I got my invite I've been spending so much time over there it's scary - or at least it would be if it wasn't such good fun.

The very best thing about Ravelry is friends - and not just cyber space friends but real life ones.  There are several Ravelry members who live in the same town as me.  It didn't take long for us to gravitate to our own group

From there it was a very short space of time before we were meeting up monthly.  But that just wasn't enough we now meet once a fortnight and 'chat' regularly on Ravelry.

Ever since I discovered knitting blogs and the cyber knitting community I wanted to belong to a knitting group that understood what on earth I was going on about - that knitted socks, spend vast amount of money on yarn and lusted after impossible lace projects.

Thanks to Ravelry I do.

The downside of Ravelry is that I've kind of abandoned some other stuff - blogging for example is only possible today because it's Easter Monday so I'm not at work and I've already spent a couple of hours on Ravelry, and just run out of yarn on the Baby Surprise Jacket.  

I'm just about to pick up the spindle and try some BFL that I got yesterday.....

....of course that's totally inspired by the ....... on Ravelry.  

So less Sparkly Stitches and more Ravelry Stitches at the moment - where's your stitches at?

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Anonymous said...

At last my friend I have something to read again.
I'm so happy that you are enjoying your knitting so much, I look forward to seeing in the flesh, the pieces you have finished.
Enjoy your new love but dont completely abandon the "old love" will you.
Big hugs