Friday, March 28, 2008

Yarn Diet

No don't laugh................................stop it!

Inspired by sieue's simple living manifesto (yes on Ravelry) I have joined her on  a Yarn Diet - for yarn read anything that's to do with knitting.  I have, as do most obsessive knitters, a very healthy stash so I'm not going to run out of projects.

The start date was March 23rd and the finishing post June 23rd - just in time for Woolfest.

Every time I would have bought something and resist the temptation I am going to keep track of the money I save.  So far the total in £4.25 and an interesting tale of knitting make do.

On Easter Monday the Baby Surprise Jacket was coming along nicely - I was just about to pick up the stitches and work the button band - about 10 ridges and it would be finished.  I picked up the first set of 10 finished the row and ran out of the colour I was using.  Although the BSJ is striped I could change colour at that stage - wrong side and would have looked strange on the second pick up.  That's OK I reassured myself I will go to Sheepish on Tuesday and buy some more!!!

Then I remembered the Yarn Diet!!

I sat and sulked - how is this Diet a good thing?  I can't finish this jacket until the end of June!  I picked up the Cranford Mitts and lost myself in the lace pattern.

Then it struck me - tink back three ridges - change colour - knit on.

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