Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Swap

At Home in Harrogate on Ravelry is having a Nutty Knitter Summer Swap:

1 handknit item for your SECRET partner (stash yarn is totally fine)  
1 hank of yarn or knitting item that your partner would like (from your stash or bought for them)  
1 non-knitting related “End of Summer” item (could be handmade, like cookies, or anything your partner might like and would go with the “end of summer” theme)

We been give our secret partners and are answering random questions on the group about our likes and dislikes.  It's a great way to get to know one another better.

We aren't exchanging gifts until September (after the Yarn Harlot trip) so there's plenty of time to knit.

I've decided on the pattern and chosen the yarn.  I actually did this before I knew who my partner was knowing that I may have to change my mind if my partner didn't like the colour or the pattern wouldn't be to their taste.  Amazingly my partner put the colour I had chosen as her favourite and I know that the pattern is one that she will like - it was obviously meant to be.  Although I keep having moments of doubt when I am convinced she will hate it and I try to think of other things I could do.

Despite the doubt the knitting is going well - as there is no hurry I'm savouring the process.  For one who spends so much time on Ravelry, who blogs and meets up with the Rav Group regularly it's proving to be very hard not to reveal anything about what I'm doing.  I've already checked this post about three times to make sure I haven't said something I shouldn't have.

I would love to post a picture but I'd better not because

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Kelly H. said...

Useless woman...there are no clues in here! ;) I may not make it until September keeping my own partner a secret!