Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank You

You guys made me feel so much better.  My pity party didn't last long thanks to all the virtual hugs.   You may be pleased to hear that today I picked up a parcel......

Can you see that yellow sticker - the round one - bottom right of the parcel.  It says Tom Binh!!!  It was still a bit of a palaver to get it - an hour trip each way.  

I opened it up carefully and this is what I found.....

Removing it from the box and as Sue predicated spent the next couple of hours packing it, and repacking it, and packing it again.

I love the way it is just lounging against the chair - looking all at home.  At the moment this is what it looks like inside.

I know it looks a bit of a jumble but its not really.  The two zipped pockets, one either side have stuff in them.  One site purse, ipod, phone, work id badge.  The other side small moleskine notebook, pens and notions bag.

You can see the rather nice small project bag (green) which currently has a No Purl Monkey sock.  The bag came with a Stuff it Sack which I can't show you cos it's looking after The Secret - and no the needles you see are not a clue.  There is still loads of room in it.  The best test will be on Monday when I go to work and pop my lunch in and anything else I feel like taking.

So far so good - I think I like it even more than I thought I would. 


Kelly H. said...

Yay! So glad that it finally arrived.

Jealous (1,000)!

Mrs J said...

Great stuff! Looks worth the hassle!

Aussie Stitcher said...

So glad that your bag arrived safely. It looks great.

Anonymous said...

Where are you dalesgirl? Hope everything is ok with you.